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That rush of joy when your favorite actor can recite something written by your favorite poet from memory.

I cannot contain my love.

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Found in a fanfic <3

“Oh, for God’s sake – “ huffs John. He grabs Sherlock by his ridiculous sixth-former scarf, hauls him back in. Sherlock’s lips are cold, his hand sliding up the back of John’s head is cold, but his mouth is warm.

John pulls away again, spiked by sudden indignation. “You told me you were married to your work.”

Sherlock’s reply is butter-smooth. “I didn’t say that I was faithful.”

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"you have great taste in men. i'm remembering why i like them."

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I’m flattered, darling. I’m glad you appreciate my tastes.

"i think your blog is absolutely beautiful"

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Thank you so much! *blush* Yours is lovely as well!

Sorry for the late reply~ I haven’t been on here for a couple days.

"If body parts were delineated by varying degrees of competition, ranging from free market to oligopoly to competitive monopoly to a monopoly, your breasts would be a monopoly!"

J. <3

"giggle. i think your punching bag deserves to see you topless sometime. it might appreciate some grappling. i recall you giving it a name, PGP? xD"

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my punching bag, dear? I’ve got a few of those and I’m forgetting to which you’re referring. that said, I may slip in a topless of me on here at some point depending on how daring I feel~

"Also, what're falsies?"

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falsie is a casual term for false phimosis. phimosis is a disease in male genitalia that keeps the foreskin closed over the head. however, false phimosis is where the glans is exposed, but the skin clinches a little underneath it. it gives the same aesthetic effect as a cut penis, except it is less veiny and has more skin to play with.

"I am noticing the spiky wheel fetish thingy!!!! What is this glorious contraption?"

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